Welcome to Guardian International Protective Services Inc.

D.P. Brookfield Residential Services - "I would like to mention how pleased I am with the performance of your security personnel and your consistent support whenever we have had a concern at our condominium. Your ability to correct the areas of concern immediately, to ensure the quality of security service provided, has given us an excellent working relationship. Your weekly visits to the site are very much appreciated..."

C.H. Georgia Pacific Canada Inc. - "In the course of performing their duties, Guardian has demonstrated a history of meeting or exceeding our expectations. We have been very pleased with their services and would recommend them without hesitation."

B.A. Town of Lincoln - "Guardian International Protective Services provides the overnight security, event security, and admission security for the Town of Lincoln. Guardian does a great job of ensuring that everything remains safe and that situations are dealt with quickly and professionally. Management personally spend the entire day at our Canada Day event ensuring that everyone is safe. We are very happy with the service that Guardian provides and would recommend them."

L.V. Welland Pipe Ltd. - "Guardian's personnel were always professional, competent and, most importantly, reliable. What I appreciated most about dealing with Guardian was their personal service. They were always available to help me get through some scheduling crisis. Their management would visit the plant unsolicited to check on personnel and ensure the proper service was being provided. As a result, they became an importnat partner in helping me to provide quality security in a cost-effective manner. Best of luck to Guardian and, I kow if given the opportunity, they will deliver a quality product"

DG, Costco Wholesale - "I would like to report to the reader that we at Costco Wholesale are very satisfied with the service provided by Guardian International Protective Services. They have provided the proper coverage along with a number of last-minute requests on our part. Based on the current level of service, we would recommend this company to other potential business clients."