Welcome to Guardian International Protective Services Inc.

At each site for all shifts worked, Guardian International maintains irregular supervisory visits to ensure that security personnel are monitored for their proficiency and adherence to Post Order instructions.

Supervision is conducted by management only, and in fact management is comprised by owners or shareholders of Guardian International. In this manner, Guardian International is able to evaluate immediately any situation which may arise and make the proper decision as to its resolution. Moreover, when on site, our management will enevitably meet individual residents and be able to react to any comments or opinions expressed in respect to the supervisory visit.

Supervision is solely to determine the effectiveness and proficiency of the security force at any given time and as such, allows for a constant monitoring of the progess each security officer carries into his / her performance. At the the time of each site visit, a written report is left for the edification of both the Property Manager or the Board of Directors and permits all concerned to evaluate the effect of supervisory input.

Oftentimes a site visit to a specific shift will entail a commendation, a remembrance of a birthday or holiday acknowledgement. It is academic for Guardian International to know each of its employees well enough to motivate them while on duty, as well as in our offices. Motivation of all security personnel contributes greatly to their performance and dedication to the tasks they perform not only for their company but the Client as well.

Supervision therfore is essential for on-site continuity and service delivery, and in our years of providing security service to Clientele, we have found that it is the single most important factor is assessing our service effectiveness and capability.