Welcome to Guardian International Protective Services Inc.

Hi-Rise Condominiums

We supply security guards to many buildings in the Hamilton-Burlington-Oakville-Mississauga & Greater Toronto areas. Whether you need 24-hour coverage, or partial coverage, we would be able to help you set up according to your needs. Concierge services are also available. We are willing to work closely with both Property Managers and Boards of Directors to determine your specific needs.

Industrial Services

We have several industrial sites where our security guards look after access control, operating truck weigh scales, switchboard duties, log books, call-ins, etc on a 24 hour basis.

Patrol Services

Unsecured small businesses and offices are always prime targets for vandals and thieves. Guardian supplies patrol services to cover your business while you sleep. We also offer services to plazas, malls, etc. We supply patrol services to the Town of Lincoln on a nightly basis, covering all of their facilities such as municipal office, arena, library, parks etc.